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Logistics of the future

Changing the way your Freight reaches you

Gone are the days when transportation of freight took days of meticulous planning, involving lots of risks. The logistics industry has grown tremendously over the years. The Indian logistics industry itself is at an estimated worth of USD 160 billion, and is likely to touch USD 215 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 10.5%.

Indian logistics growth

Current economics of logistics industry in India

Logistics is essentially the backbone of any economy. The three major sectors, namely agriculture, manufacturing and service industry are all heavily dependent on transportation. Although it has an estimated worth of USD 160 billion, the Indian logistics industry is still in its inceptive stage.

In developing countries like India, the face of development in this industry is quite different from that of the developed countries. It had been unorganised and fragmented for a very long time, but the scenario has swiftly changed in the past decade. Currently, the logistics sector is attracting a lot of investment, given to its significant growth in the last couple of years.

Indian logistics industry

How Wayside helps you overcome the challenges faced by logistic industry in India

With the macro changes that our country is going through, it doesn’t come as a surprise that several industries are affected by it. One of the most affected sector by these changes is logistics. The daily changes in fuel prices, the advances in technology and the need for faster results along with services available at the click of a button, the logistics industry in India is slowly catching up to the customers’ demands. While there is steady development, this sector still has a lot of challenges to overcome.