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How Wayside helps you overcome the challenges faced by logistic industry in India

With the macro changes that our country is going through, it doesn’t come as a surprise that several industries are affected by it. One of the most affected sector by these changes is logistics. The daily changes in fuel prices, the advances in technology and the need for faster results along with services available at the click of a button, the logistics industry in India is slowly catching up to the customers’ demands. While there is steady development, this sector still has a lot of challenges to overcome.

1. Fuel Prices :

While a sudden increase in the prices of fuel can create inflation in product costs to cover for expensive transit, a sudden fall leads to competition within the logistics market to provide services at the lowest price. At Wayside Truck Freight, we provide our freight services at affordable and competitive rates, irrespective of the fluctuations in the fuel prices. We are able to achieve this as all our drivers are provided with GPS systems that help them in estimating the time for one delivery so they can take the next booking accordingly and the truck doesn’t travel back empty as well as the time is saved.

2. Customer Service :

For a very long period, customers have wasted their time in enquiring about their freight reaching its destination on the given helpline number without getting a proper estimation of the scheduled delivery due to poor customer support by freight carrier companies.

However, when you book your delivery with Wayside Truck Freight, you can track your freight on your mobile app in real time. Moreover, you can call on our toll free helpline number or mail us your queries and our executives would be happy to assist you anytime.

3. Supply-chain Management :

Whether it is empty trucks returning, billing issues or problems in handling the freight, there are a lot of issues with the whole process of transportation of goods from one location to another.

This doesn’t have to be the case though when you book your freight service through Wayside truck freight. Our drivers, as well as customers, are provided with real time tracking of the goods in transit that brings transparency to our process. The billing is completely digital with the breakup of the cost and our truck owners are well trained and equipped to handle your freight with utmost care while transportation and to make it reach on time at the desired destination.

4. Technology Implementation :

Not a very long time ago, freight forwarding was very unorganised and risky as the client had no information of the freight in transit. With the introduction of IoT and the advancements in technology, it has become a lot easier and secure. With online payment options, GPS tracking, app based bookings and a completely automated process, transportation of freight is just a matter of a few clicks on your mobile phone app.

5. Availability :

A big problem that the customers generally face is the non-availability of drivers or truck owners, maybe due to fluctuation in fuel prices or the nature of goods or simply because of the location. At Wayside truck freight, the load providers never face a problem as we have PAN India services, the payment and service terms with truck owners are regulated and our system is managed by industry experts to make our services best for the customers.

Though it is still a long way ahead, the Indian freight industry is undergoing a lot of changes and development. There are constantly new market challenges that are in need of sustainable solutions that would benefit both, the customer as well as the service providers. Enjoy the best service, fastest deliveries and overall a seamless logistics experience, with Wayside Truck Freight.

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