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wayside truck freight

The Benefits of booking your truck provider with Wayside Truck Freight

Technology has revolutionized the way we book cars to food to even clothes. So now why should you stress when it comes to booking a truck for your cargo needs?!

Our digital platform will help you with all your cargo sending needs, you start with posting you load weight and dimension and items, and the truck companies will send you their quote and from there you can select the best truck provider to send your load with.

wayside truck freight

Guaranteed Benefits On Our Application & Website

1. Safety : Our app and website comes with real time-tracking system, so you can always be sure to know the status of your consignment at any time.

2. PAN India Service : Our truck providers and our digital platform is available all throughout India, so you can send your cargo anywhere in India.

3. Flexible payment options : With this feature , you can choose your payment plan , while booking your truck you can either choose to pay 25% or 50 % or 100% of the charges according to your convenience.

4. Affordable charges : With different quotes from different truck providers, you are always sure to know that you get the best price. Our truck providers give reasonable rate for your consignments.

5. Automated Process : Our user friendly app and website is very easy to use, once you have selected the truck provider and made your payment, the entire process is then automated on its own, and you are sure to know that your cargo will reach on time.

Our main goal is to make logistics easier and simpler by creating hassle free experience for both truck and cargo providers. We help our users to find the right partner for their logistics need at the right time.

So download our app now on Download APP Download APP

or Sign-Up on our Website to see how our solution can help you with your logistics needs.

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