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Impact of Indian roads on the Logistics Industry

The use of roads for freight transportation makes products available to customers and also creates time and place utilization. The development of road transport is an important factor.

Truck transport is often perceived as a cheap mode of transportation but this was of transportation is also a supporting factor for air & water freight as well. Where other industries in the logistical ecosystem are consistently developing to optimize utilization, roads remain underdeveloped. Visible road and highways have tremendously developed but rural roads are highly underdeveloped. One of the key industries of the country, the agricultural industry has farms located in very rural areas & efficiency will not increase if roads in such areas are not developed.

The country has a very large road network as compared to any other countries in the world covering about 2.9 million kilometers at present. The road traffic has increased drastically and would have exceeded the current numbers if the infrastructure was up to standards

However, the upgrading of roads as by way of widening of carriage ways, improved surface quality, and reconstruction of old bridges and culverts has not matched with this phenomenal growth. Moreover, only 20 percent of the surfaced roads are estimated to be in good condition.

One such striving factor exists in the lack of consistency in the rural & urban scenarios. The rural areas are very poorly connected. Among six lakh villages only three-fifth are connected by all weathered roads.These are the areas that require good connectivity as most of the agricultural lands are in rural areas.

Therefore, development of roads should be the primary focus of the government as it will enhance not only the logistical network but contribute immensely to several other industries in the ecosystem.

Where, Wayside truck freight focuses on optimising resources with advanced technologies, a more efficient network would prevail due to such developments in infrastructure

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