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indian roads

Impact of Indian roads on the Logistics Industry

The country has a very large road network as compared to any other countries in the world covering about 2.9 million kilometers at present. The road traffic has increased drastically and would have exceeded the current numbers if the infrastructure was up to standards.The use of roads for freight transportation makes products available to customers and also creates time and place utilization. The development of road transport is an important factor

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Leveraging Cargo transport in a Tech Economy

Logistics allows movement of physical products throughout the economy. Logistics and transport services in a growing economy like India are left behind in improving due to the inefficiencies in leveraging the use of technology. With the increase in the platform economy, making use of technology is vital to improving the logistics and supply chain of companies and the economy.

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The future of Logistics in an ever changing technologically advanced century!

“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanor Roosevelt.

There has been a promising increase in the infrastructure development of Indian roads, and when it comes to storage and warehousing it is one of the most important components of the Indian Economy.
The logistics industry is a rapidly growing market there is a well-established demand for freight transportation all over India. The logistics tech start-up companies are growing rapidly and making advancement to improve upon the inefficiencies in the logistics market.