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Logistics of the future

Changing the way your Freight reaches you

Gone are the days when transportation of freight took days of meticulous planning, involving lots of risks. The logistics industry has grown tremendously over the years. The Indian logistics industry itself is at an estimated worth of USD 160 billion, and is likely to touch USD 215 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 10.5%.

Advances in technology and introduction of the IoT have revolutionized how business works.

Here are 5 ways in which the logistics industry is changing the face of businesses worldwide with technology.

1. Bringing transparency to the process :

Not long ago, after sending out or ordering a shipment, clients were provided an estimated delivery date and they waited without a clue regarding the whereabouts of their shipment till delivery, and call enquiries used to become tedious and time consuming.

Now with the help of GPS technology, one can easily track in real-time the exact location of their freight anytime from anywhere. Also, the cost of transportation, taxes, overheads etc. are all communicated to the client at the time of booking the service, bringing economic transparency to the business. This is not only convenient, but also creates a bond of trust between the client and the logistics providers.

2. Faster Deliveries :

Forgot to book a logistics service for that shipment scheduled in two days? Well, you might as well book it today and we’ll connect you to the freight carriers closest to you within minutes. Take your pick, make the payment and Wayside Truck Freight will take care of the rest.

With the development of infrastructure and availability of internet everywhere, booking freight services was never easier than this.

3. Better security :

Internet of Things has opened up a lot of ways in which the warehousing and transportation of goods are becoming faster, cheaper and more secure. Sensors are built into trucks, cargo ships and freight carriers, and are connected to an integrated system for monitoring and tracking. These sensors process and transmit the information to the system which then identifies the risks, if any.

IoT has a valuable impact on the continuous development of logistics services, allowing for more accurate in-transit visibility and delivery of goods. With the introduction of RFID technology, companies can now easily monitor their inventory. It saves a lot of the company’s time, labour and money.

4. Self-driven delivery vehicles :

A world where a computer drives you from one place to another, or even receiving a shipment from a drone, doesn’t seem too far a reality in the future.

Autonomous cars are already hitting the roads and trucks are not too far behind. In April 2016, trucks from major manufacturers including Volvo and the Daimler Company completed a week of autonomous driving across Europe. ‘Uber Freight’ is already delivering freight in Arizona and Amazon has recently announced the future of shipments being delivered right at doorsteps by drones, called Amazon Prime Air. Drones delivering packages is still distant, but it’s a huge step in this breakthrough technology that can increase the efficiency of the logistics services immensely.

5. Customer centricity :

Businesses rely upon one thing the most to be successful: customer satisfaction. Faster delivery of freight, 24*7 GPS tracking system and the prompt assistance for enquiries not only create an interactive user experience, but also increase productivity of the business. Wayside Truck Freight is user friendly and with just a few clicks, the whole process is automated for a hassle-free, on-time delivery of your cargo.

To remain competitive in today’s market, keeping up with the latest technology along with providing a delightful customer experience are the two major factors to succeed. At Wayside Truck Freight, we have a perfect amalgamation of the two for our customers. We connect the cargo providers to the right truck owners to make transportation of freight a seamless experience for our customers.

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