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Leveraging Cargo transport in a Tech Economy

Logistics allows movement of physical products throughout the economy. Logistics and transport services in a growing economy like India are left behind in improving due to the inefficiencies in leveraging the use of technology.

With the increase in the platform economy, making use of technology is vital to improving the logistics and supply chain of companies and the economy.

Some of the inefficiencies faced by the logistics industry are :

1. Empty truck on the road

One of the biggest inefficiency in the logistics industry is that truck deliver on load or freight and then have to drive someplace else to pick up the load or have to return back to its place of origin. This means that 15-20 percent of the time the trucks on the road are empty, this creates inefficiencies in the entire logistics ecosystem. Also, this cause increases in the carbon footprint as going back and forth just causes an increase in the use of fuel.

The truck drivers do not receive much compensation for driving empty trucks. Which creates low morale among them.

2. Paper transactions

Most of the tuck and companies use and rely on paper records than on technology. The technological gap in the transport industry has left the transport industry behind in growth.

Use of technology and platform app to improve the logistics industry

Wayside truck freight is a platform app which was founded and created by young entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh to address the challenges in the logistics Market. The App aims to bridge the gap between truck providers and load providers.

The load provider finds the best truck from the app to suit its need and the truck provider then comes pickups the load from them.

This app helps in decreasing the downtime caused to the truck companies as they can now pick up the load during their return journey.

Also as the booking and payment are all done online, paperwork can be reduced.

The app is extremely user-friendly and also comes in 9 regional languages to make it easy for the truck drivers and load providers easy to understand in their convenient language.

With additional features like real-time tracking system, you are always sure to know where your cargo is.

This shows that if we leverage the use of technology then the entire logistics industry can be revolutionized.

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