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supply chain

The difference between Supply chain, Logistics and Operation : a complete guide

The three subjects though are distinct in nature, they all fall under the same umbrella of supply chain management. The entire purpose of SCM is to analyze, optimize and understand the working of the entire business both external and internal.

High revenue for truck

How-to generate more revenue for your truck company than you previously did!

Trucks have played a major role in logistics and transportation to carry goods across the country. It has helped improve habitation, regional development, employment and has bridged a gap between the urban and rural parts of the country.

52% shipments happen by road and 34% by rail in our country. Road transport has directly increased job creation all over the world: 6.5 million in EU, 9 million in the USA and 20 million in India.

An effortless solution, economical, faster and safer.

5 ways to reduce your freight costs

If your business involves inventory and transportation, you would know that freight charges are one of the biggest headaches, and are one of the key costs in the business. Transportation costs are highly uncertain, varying from carrier to carrier. More often, a merchant may not even know of the freight costs until he gets an invoice from the carrier.

But experience teaches us how to manage the freight: to build relations in the logistics industry and how to cut costs. At Wayside Truck Freight, we’ve identified five key factors that affect your freight costs and have come up with an innovative solution that can help reduce your shipment expenses.