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Logistics of Tomorrow

With Technological revolution, The way we do everything has greatly impacted the way we go about life and the way we do business.

Like the restaurant industry has changed with the increase in food delivery apps where you go on to an app and order your food.

Apps like uber and ola have changed the transport industry.

Hence, it is time we change the way we book and send our cargo.

If you are a transport manager or logistics manager in an ecommerce industry or a heavy machinery industry or even a small scale industry and want to send your cargo anywhere in India.

Wayside is a one stop shop for all your needs

With the different truck companies providing the cost and space details of their truck you are sure to know that you have bagged the best deal.

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The main features of our app include :

1. Real Time Tracking System : This feature of our app will help you know the exact location of where your cargo has reached, and will provide you with an estimate to when the cargo will reach its chosen location.

2. Affordable Pricing : While booking your truck to send your cargo only 25% of the total order needs to be paid in advance for confirming your order.

3. User-Friendly App : Our app is now available to use in 9 languages, and with easy interface of the app, it is a breeze to book your cargo with our app.

To understand the process here is a small video clip :

We hope that when next time you think about sending your cargo you do it the wayside way!!

So download our app now on Download wayside APP OR Download wayside APP

or Sign-Up on our Website to see how our solution can help you with your logistics needs.

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