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The Scenario of the Transport Industry in India

With the booming logistics industry, an industry which alone will make an estimated revenue of $618 is one of the biggest markets in India.

14.4 % of India’s GDP is spent of logistics and a CAGR of 15% growth in the logistics industry is expected which will drive growth in India. Indian freight transport market is expected to grow by at CAGR of 13.35% by 2020.

With the rapid growth in the transportation industry, there also comes a lot of complexities and problems few of them include :

1. Increase in Costs : With the increase in the need for logistics with the growth of e-commerce business, the end-customers usually expect low costs and quick delivery of their products, which the transport industry is working hard to fulfill. With the higher expectations it gets harder to reach results as new complexities arise, mainly because of the increase in fuel costs.

2. Customer Service : The logistics industry should be able to provide the best customer services in matters such as to provide on-time-delivery, customer support, which the industry is not able to completely fulfill due to problems like language barriers, technology related problems, Indian road conditions, etc..

3. Technological gaps : with the advancement of technologies, it is very crucial for every business in the transportation industry to adapt and take advantage of the new technologies available, yet adopting and onboarding the use of new technology is what becomes a complexity.

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